BlastForMass – Gain lean muscle mass. Increase strength. DO YOU BLAST?

This is basically the strength or heavy aspect of the workout. Each workout will contain at least one exercise where you will be trying to go for heavier weight or an increasing weight, to elicit the breakdown of muscle tissue. Blast Training is not to be performed using lighter weight, rather increasing volume while still using a challenging weight!

The burn is the endurance or pump stage where volume training is incorporated. It is immensely important to pump as much blood to the targeted muscle group while training. However, sometimes it just doesn’t happen when lifting heavy. Therefore, I wanted to include an aspect in each workout to ensure a pump is achieved.

This is my favorite portion. This is an all out hellacious set, exercise or period of time during the workout. Some of you have seen these aspects in the blast routines posted on my blog and have given great feedback on them. This incorporates an abnormal training style to shock the targeted muscle group.

I basically took all of my favorite aspects of training and figured out a way to put them all together in an unorthodox, yet effective training style. Each workout will include a "Boom, Burn & Blast" element, however the order and way in which they are included may and will change. This just adds to the challenge and the confusion. The best part is, this training style can be incorporated into virtually any scenario. Fat loss, bulking, endurance, it doesn’t matter. In this particular program, we are focused on adding muscle mass.

"Just the first day, but it’s AMAZING, I have never felt anything like that while training and I tried a lot of programs, but BTS is by far the best!Erickson C"

“I have used the blast system before and I loved the results I saw. It’s serious and intense, and requires more effort and dedication than anything I have ever tried. Unlike many other programs, you get out what you put in!! Pushing myself to the max with this system has given me unbelievable results and has transformed my muscles.” Adam A

“The best training style out there, intense, good duration, and you really feel it on the muscle groups you’re hitting that day. If you keep form in tact all the training you just know you did good. Nothing feels better. I gained about 8 pounds of muscle over 10 weeks from diet and training and I never felt better.” Daniel B

“I love your BTS eBook. I started it religiously for weeks after it was first released. Its a must have if you want to routine that keeps your muscles guessing and you really start to see your body get more defined!!” Chad G

“With the Blast Training System my body is always in a state of confusion and never gets use to the workouts. This has given me the best results of any workout I have ever done.” Wesley S

“My experience BTS is phenomenal. I ordered the…