30 Days – Adult ADD Medication Free

After suffering from side-effects while taking medication for ADD as a child, Hailey was determined to learn to control her ADD without the use of drugs.

Nothing about what she learned from her specialist was anything specific for people with ADD. There was no special training or therapy. Even worse, the Franklin Covey planner was too complex and it actually caused problems with her ADD.

Frustrated, Hailey gave up on therapy. Over next few years, she read all she could on ADD and productivity until she found techniques that really worked. These techniques really work to control Adult ADD.

Hailey has compiled all of her techniques into an easy-to-follow ebook so that YOU can learn to control your mind and start getting things accomplished.


Each chapter gives you a homework assignment so that you can start putting these techniques to work TODAY!

This ebook is a companion to the 30 Days to Better Focus Ebook and includes worksheets and guides that walk you through each chapter’s homework.

This MP3 will help you train your brain to stay focused. This is for use while you work and is not a guided meditation.

This ebook gets updated from time to time, and all purchasers get these updated versions FREE! If a new technique gets added to the book or new bonuses are added, you will get those free of charge.

A typical hour session with an ADD psychiatrist runs about $180 – $250. If you go twice a month for a year, that is about $4800 in just office visits. The medication can add to that total. AND EVEN THEN, YOU MAY NOT LEARN THE TECHNIQUES IN THIS EBOOK.

Note: The ebook and workbook will be delivered via email in PDF format, which can be opened in any PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview. The email will provide details on where to download the MP3s. You will receive this email immediately after purchasing the product and confirming your email address. Details will be provided on the Thank You page.

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